Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let me get something straight: this is a JOURNAL, not a diary.
This was MOM'S idea, not mine. But if she thinks I'm goin to write down
my 'feeling' in here or whatever, she's crazy..

The only reason I agreed to do this at all is because I figure later
on when I'm rich and famous. This BLOG is gonna come in

This is my life story,and that's only one of the embrassing thing about
me. I've tried to write about all the strenge - and something horrid -
things that have gone on recently; about boyfriend-girlfriend and the

>> when I was little I asked mum where I came from (?!!) and she said I came by
accident. The for quite a long time I used to say when I met people,
''Hello I'm MIRA ;I came by accident'' I did'nt even know what came by accident
meant them. I think I thought an accident was some kind of CAR or TRAIN
or something that brougth me !!

>>ooppsss,I stepped a puddle
>>at leat it's not acid puddle
>>ay,ay,ay it's is an acid puddle..

>>>> Safiy is delighted being futher informed
that he had met him youthful LOVE

---The rosy pink colour of your lips and
cheeks shall fade off resembling the
greyness off ashes...

''So will you, I'm sure ,that you love me!''

*For a very special person
whom I love to distraxtion..

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